xeoos® AQUA

xeoos AQUA
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TwinFire-Technik revolutioniert die Warmwassererzeugung

Make use of the benefits of the clean combustion technology of your xeoos® for the water circulation. The water heating is switchable and controllable. The System is intrin-sically safe and does not require thermal overload protection. The principle for the water heating is simply ingenious: the xeoos® AQUA first heats the air (1), which is in a warm air jacket, then, upon request, to an air / water heat exchanger (2) under the stove. Here the hot air transfers the heat to the water (3).


Cover: steel
door: steel
wooden handles
retainer: glass
base: steel.

output 8kW
rooms ab to 40-100 m2
dim. 1338 / 618 / 553
weight 308 kg
dim. Air Ø 100 mm
dim. Flue Escape Ø 150 mm
Elektr. Connection 230 V
AQUA Connection

Ø 3/4


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