High class materials – for top quality

  • Body made of 4 mm strong steel
  • Front frame made of cast iron
  • Refractory lining made from Vermiculite
  • Bottom stones made from firebrick
  • Double bottom made from extreme heat resistant stainless steel
  • TwinFire-Rust made from extreme heat resistant stainless steel
  • Ashbox made from extreme heat resistant stainless steel
  • Simple and ergonomic handling  with two control elements, which are thermic decoupled
  • Outlet top or rear
  • All stoves can be provided with an external air supply
  • Most stoves can be delivered with a set to make them rotatable
  • Chimney draft should be standard only to make the stove work
  • 8 years warranty on the body
  • 93 % Efficiency (tested by OMNI)

Combustion process of the stoves Patented Twin-Fire-Technology – made in Germany

With the xeoos TwinFire-combustion process, the exhaust air, that emerges from the burning wood in the upper chamber, is burnt up at temperatures from 1000 - 1200 °C and thus changed into additional warmth and energy.



The xeoos reaches

  • An Efficiency of more than 90 %, during the whole burning time
  • 40 % less ashes (if working in TwinFire mode)
  • 40 % less usage of wood (if working in TwinFire mode)
  • Extremely low value for fine dust and very low CO-value
  • Low emission in general, even if used with partial- or minimal load

Environmental technology of the stoves

Heating with a clean conscience – elaborated in every detail

To reduce environmental pollution, the legal boundary values of CO and fine dust have been set anew. The xeoos with its patented combustion process, not only fulfills this values, but is far below target, even with partial or minimal load.

This is reached with:

  • Combustion of the exhaust air at 1000 - 1200 °C
  • 180 C° deposit of the floating particles in the exhaust air in the lower firespace
  • Intelligent air passage inside the stove leads to maximum heat delivery to the room

Quality production through xeoos GmbH. The combustion process and product design is patented.

Care and reparation

Lube points